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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

176.The current inconsistencies are
1) Mano problems
2) Neural problems
3) Objectivity issues
4) Sensory issues

177. Academic psychology knowledge is essential for the teacher
1) To know oneself
2) To adopt curriculum and teaching practices
3) To understand the student
4) Everything above

178. According to recent psychologists, psychology is
1) Behavioral science
2) Human and animal science
3) Behavior and Ecology
4) The science of behavior and cognitive processes

179. This is the function of teachers to maintain discipline
1) Construct a rigid environment in the classroom
2) Penalizing undisciplined students
3) Conducting programs that are tailored to the needs and interests of the students
4) Getting out of the classroom

180. Psychology Branch of the Practice of Knowing the Disorders and Causes of Mental Illnesses
1) General psychology
2) Unusual psychology
3) Psychological psychology
4) Health psychology

181. First started training school for teacher training
1) Theron Dyke
2) Wound
3) Wattsall
4) Pestology

182. Educational psychology does not participate in the following scenario
1) When the teacher is teaching in the classroom
2) When asking a student a question
3) When preparing a school schedule with the headmaster
4) Teachers deal with the bank

183. In 1903 he authored the book “Educational Psychology”
1) Wont
2) Galvan
3) Pestology
4) Thorn Dyke

184. Father of psychoanalytic argument
1) Sigmund Freud
2) Watson
3) Pavallo
4) Theron Dyke

185. A section on the study of the human personality that transcends the threshold of consciousness
1) Parapsychology
2) Unusual psychology
3) A and B
4) General psychology

186. Father of Educational Psychology
1) Watson
2) Wound
3) Pavallo
4) Theron Dyke

187. Philosopher who describes the interrelation of mind and body
1) Rayne Deckard
2) Plato
3) Wadson
4) Wound

188. Behavioral Faces of Sigmund Freud
1) Awareness
2) Semiotics
3) unconsciousness
4) All of the above are yes

189. Most importantly, gentlemanly science is composed of _________
1) Activity
2) guess
3) The principle
4) Everything above

190. This is the department of psychology that studies the psychological developments of a person
1) Genetic psychology
2) Psychoanalytic psychology
3) Synthetic psychology
4) Physical Psychology

191. The duty of every teacher
1) Knowing the intellectual ability and mental level of the students
2) There should be dominance over language
3) There should be lordship over the subject of teaching
4) Everything above

192. Creationism follows the revolutionary doctrines of the living organism
1) Theron Dyke
2) Bloom
3) Charles Darwin
4) Yes to all of the above

193. Publisher of “The Principles of Psychology” in 1890
1) E.B. Pichner
2) Theron Dyke
3) J.B. Watson
4) Weber

194. Psychology is the study of psychologists who study the activities of the individual scientifically with the environment and every action or activity of life
1) Wellsbury & Woodworth
2) Pichtner and Woodworth
3) Crow and Crow
4) None of the above

195. If psychologists do more study on which branch of psychology.
1) Knowledgeable
2) Evolutionary
3) Academic
4) Therapeutic

196. Behaviorism focuses all its attention entirely on this.
1) Observable behavior
2) Unpublished behavior
3) A vigilant mind
4) Mindful mind

197. Which of the following statements is false
1) Psychology is studying a person’s behavior
2) Comparing a person’s behavior with culture
3) Studying the behavior of members of the group
4) None of the above

198. so that when human behavior is judged according to the companions
1) Perception
2) Inheritance
3) Environment
4) intellect

199. This is the closest thing to modern psychology
1) Life Sciences
2) Philosophy
3) Sociology
4) Psychology

200. Who were the patriarchs of the Jnana Grahitha sect?
1) Bruner
2) Ausubel
3) Piazza
4) All of the above

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