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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

176. What implies that teachers study student error
1) Differential Curriculum Requirement
2) Expanding knowledge
3) The need for a compensatory strategy
4) The path to strength grouping

177. According to Piage, the ability to project and experiment in the process of cognitive development is seen here.
1) Sensory momentum phase
2) Stage of embodied actions
3) Stage of formal functions
4) Pre-stage the task

178. Teachers connect knowledge gained from one subject when they acquire knowledge related to another. This help is encouraging
1) Correlation and Transfer of Knowledge
2) Person differentiation
3) Learning autonomy
4) Enrichment

179. The range of intellectual deficits found in intellectual deficits
1) 0-25
2) 1-30
3) 25-50
4) 0-70

180.  Intellect is called
1) Emotional ability
2) Thinking ability
3) cognitive ability
4) Driving ability

181. Gifted children always look forward
1) Working in laboratories
2) Practicing in Libraries
3) Opportunities to win others
4) Innovative functions

182. If a boy’s mental age (M.A) is 8 and his physical age (C.A) is 10, his intelligence index (I.Q)
1) 125
2) 100
3) 80
4) 120
183. An example of this is how a girl excels in music
1) Positive attitude
2) Curiosity
3) Internal motivation
4) Interest

184. Verbal expression and emphasis on language development can be gained through this
1) Cohesion
2) Insight
3) Affiliation
4) imitation

185. The effect rule is to emphasize
1) Prizes only
2) Punishments only
3) Both reward and punishment
4) Not both reward and punishment

186. From this point on evolution begins
1) Prenatal
2) Infancy Stage
3) Pre Childhood Stage
4) Post Childhood Stage

187. Dyslexia is mainly related to this difficulty
1) Reading
2) Talking
3) Talking and listening
4) Listening

188. Teachers engage the visually impaired student with other students in the classroom. So are those teachers
1) Walking according to the spirit of coordination education.
2) To get sympathy from other students about a visually impaired student
3) To put more emphasis on the visually impaired student
4) To disrupt classroom learning

189. Because teachers are using auditory and physical activities in their teaching
1) To measure effectively
2) To provide diversity to learners
3) To utilize the maximum number of knowledge to promote learning
4) Teachers get a break

190. The duration of a dementia child’s period is short. Because
1) The teacher has some time to look after the child
2) The child is very naughty
3) His friends interrupt
4) Qualities from birth

191. Teachers provide their students with group activities such as groupwork, group project, etc. It is the highlight of what dimension of learning.
1) Learning through entertainment
2) Language guided learning
3) Competition based learning
4) Learning is a social activity

192. He who modeled the three dimensions of the intellect
1) The kettle
2) Thurstone
3) JP Gillford
4) Terman

193. Science and Art Exhibition, Music and Dance Exhibition and Bringing School Magazine
1) Training the students to different professions
2) To bring the name to the school
3) To satisfy parents
4) To provide creative way for learners

194. Creativity is usually related
1) Guess
2) Convergent thinking
3) Divergent thinking
4) Modeling

195. The student has to work hard to pass the medical examination entrance exam. The student is motivated
1) Externally
2) internally
3) Practically
4) Personally

196. Doing Aspect is the dimension of behavior
1) The psychological field of learning
2) The cognitive zone of learning
3) The emotional zone of learning
4) Transcendental zone of learning

197. Which of the following is an important aspect of heredity?
1) Participation in social activities
2) Attitude with a group of friends
3) Thinking style
4) eye color

198. The phrase relates to the fact that other objects are equal in the practice rule.
1) Impact and preparation
2) Use and Abuse
3) Fresh and intense
4) Stimulation and Processing

199. The main characteristic of insight learning
1) Immediately glowing
2) Hardship Solving
3) Selfishness
4) Enhancing orientation

200. Evolutionary developments in the child cause
1) Hereditary Causes
2) Environmental causes
3) The genetic and environmental factors interact
4) Nutritional factors

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