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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

301. Viewing a person in his natural life is a method of collecting the information he needs
1. Field exploration method
2. Correlation method
3. Field sorting method
4. None of the above

302. A psychologist can draw a map of the mind based on the experiences of the psychologist
1. Pichner
2. Sigmund Freud
3. Skinner
4. Paolo

303. Self-discipline, an effective method for developing self-criticism
1. Observation method
2. Practical method
3. Method of introspection
4. Person study

304. A controllable variable in a practical manner
1. Independent
2. Strategy
3. Anomaly
4. All of the above Yes

305. The method of observation has this meaning
1. A proactive purpose is to study a person’s behavior
2. Seeing a person’s behavior
3. Intentionally studying a person’s behavior
4. None of the above

306. A method to help a student study specific problems
1. Method of observation
2. Person study
3. Method of observation
4. Practical approach

307. Teachers sit and watch a student in a chair while playing volleyball — the student knows what to look for
1. Direct overview
2. Irrelevant Overview
3. Participant Overview
4. None of the above

308. It is only in this method that there is room for imagination
1. Method of observation
2. Introspection
3. Practical approach
4. Surveying method

309. The method of collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources can be used to identify career problems and provide solutions to them.
1. Overview
2. Practical practice
3. Person study
4. Introspection

310. The effect of a driver being replaced by a researcher in practical terms is known as ……
1. Controlled Driver
2. Intermediary Driver
3. Strategic Driver (D) (D)
4. Independent Driver

311. The success of the experiment depends on the adequacy of the control of this variable
1. Strategy
2. Independent Charm
3. The anomaly variable
4. All of the above are yes

312. This is the method of classifying them based on intrinsic differences in persons or objects
1. Palm method
2. Survey method
3. Differential Method
4. Practical approach

313. Which of the following is a controlled group in experimental practice?
1. From all perspectives are identical to the experimental group
2. differs from the experimental group by all views
3. In all respects the opposite of the experimental group
4. It is similar to the experimental group in all other related topics except research

314. Proposition in the practical sense has this meaning
1. All propositions are general statements
2. Reasons a temporary experimenter may temporarily give the choice
3. The actual reasons the experimenter presents with the problem of choice
4. All of the above are yes

315. Teachers sit down and observe children’s behaviors while playing
1. Spontaneous Observation
2. Artificial Overview
3. Controlled Overview
4. Which is not the case

316. What is the manner in which a person studies his own inherent behaviors
1. Introspection
2. Psychoanalytic approach
3. Soul Method
4. Observation Method
317. The psychology branch studies memory, thinking, reasoning, language, decision making, etc.
1. Scientific psychology
2. Emotional psychology
3. Evolutionary psychology
4. Experimental psychology

318. Will Helma founded Wynth’s Psychological Experiment School
1. 1779
2. 1879
3. 1975
4. 1889

319. Method used to study a person’s unconscious and semi-conscious behavior
1. Practical approach
2. Psychoanalytic approach
3. Person study
4. None of the above

320. The factor that leads to person behavior
1. Adami’s captured desires
2. Goals
3. Sorrowful Experiences
4. All of the above

321. Which of these is a unique method of psychology not used in any other sciences?
1. Practical approach
2. Method of introspection
3. Person study method
4. Observation Method

322. The so-called method of financing
1. Person study
2. Introspection
3. Overview
4. Direct overview

323. The branch of application of the principles of general psychology to all facets of the ‘education process’
1. Evolutionary psychology
2. Educational psychology
3. Experimental psychology
4. Social psychology

324. The branch of knowledge that studies how we think and interact with others
1. Scientific psychology
2. Advisory psychology
3. Social psychology
4. Psychology

325. This way of testing the hypothesis and gathering information by controlling the motions
1. Method of Introspection
2. Method of observation
3. Practical method
4. Psychoanalytic approach

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