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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

276. Those who brought to light the system of introspection
1. Edward Brad Pudd Tichner
2. J. B. Watson
3. The Kohler
4. Allport

277. The result of a student in a class is also lightly reduced. A helpful way to understand the cause
1. Person study
2. Experimental study
3. Introspection
4. Observation

278. is the driver / character that affects the cause of action in the experiment
1. Intermediate Driver
2. An anomaly driver
3. Tactical Driver
4. Independent Driver

279. Methodology of study of psychology in the study of task causal relationship
1. Introspection
2. Due method
3. Practical method
4. All of the above are yes

280. Method of studying organism’s behavior / behavior in a controlled environment
1. Introspection
2. Examination Method
3. Activities
4. Practical approach

281. The purpose of this variable is to expose the experimental group in the context of an experiment
1. Strategy
2. Independent variable
3. Artificial justification
4. Insulation

282. Which of the following is an individual principal?
1. Survey
2. Practical method
3. Experiments
4. Interviewing

283. Which of the following is most important in a practical way?
1. Data collection
2. Assembling the tool
3. Formulating Concepts
4. Analysis of data

284. A system that helps the seeker to review and correct his own teaching imperfections.
1. Observation habits
2. Introspection habits
3. Spontaneous observation habits
4. None

285. Behavioral science
1. The science of maturity
2. Psychology
3. Chemistry
4. Biology


286. Father of Person Studies
1. Pichner
2. Braun
3. D.F.D.Books
4. Watson

287. A student is constantly getting late. By what means can this problem be solved?
1. Method of observation
2. Study of persons
3. Method of introspection
4. Practical approach

288. attributed to the more prevalent of the experimental method
1. Adaptive bodhana practices can be adopted
2. may yield a more objective result
3. It is the king’s way to innovate
4. All of the above

289. The ultimate goal of humanistic psychologists
1. Observe human behavior
2. Correcting human behavior
3. Understanding human behavior
4. Controlling human behavior

290. Failure of Startup Teachers is a Key Area
1. General Knowledge
2. Take control of the subject
3. Interpersonal relationship
4. None

291. One of the major limitations of peer review is
1. Inability to observe all external behaviors
2. Different people display different types of behavior in a conforming situation
3. Expressive observation of the viewer
4. The person under consideration does not appear to be spontaneous

292. A person’s activities are publicly disclosed and their cause and effect are known as …… ..
1. Observation
2. Experiment
3. Introspection
4. inductive

293. In a trial scenario, the experimental group reads the target set for which variable.
1. Strategy
2. Independent Charm
3. Artificial justification
4. Insulation

294. First experimenter in psychology
1. Will Helm Wound
2. Theron Dyke
3. Skinner
4. Watson

295. The main purpose of the person study method is
1. Identifying the causes of behavior problems
2. Carrying out solutions to the problem
3. Identify the causes of behavior problems and take remedial action
4. None

296.The most important factor that contributes to the success of the professional approach
1. Control of the prosthesis
2. The science of independent variable control
3. Regulation of intermediary variables
4. A and B

297. Externally motivated person engaging in activities
1. For outside effect
2. Stay active
3. For personal satisfaction
4. To increase efficiency

298. An important limitation of the experimental method is
1. The results are obtained in the natural context
2. The results can be revised by repeating
3. The results are obtained in an artificial context
4. The results are scientific

299. The way in which the publisher studies his mental activities and emotions by himself
1. Method of Introspection
2. Method of observation
3. Interface Method
4. External Method

300. This is how to systematically alter the behavior of another person
1. Person study
2. Subjective observation
3. Objective View
4. Observation

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