KARTET CTET Test-5 Educational Psychology for exmas.

ಶೈಕ್ಷಣಿಕ ಮನೋವಿಜ್ಞಾನ for All KARTET Aspirants

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

101. It means the child’s failing
1) The child is not adequately reminded of the answers
2) The child must take private tuition
3) The system failed.
4) The child does not fit the study.

102. Which of the following emphasizes the transfer of learning from teaching?
1) Adoption of child-centered curriculum
2) Promoting norm learning
3) Face-to-face teaching
4) Test result
3. Effective method for teachers to adopt the concept of “seed germination”
1) Tell the students to plant and watch the stages of germination
2) Writing and illustrating on a blackboard
3) Seed growth picture
4) Give a detailed description

103. Coordination education
1) Classroom diversity celebration
2) Promoting rigorous access procedures
3) One-sidedness
4) Teachers with a boundary group

104. The following is an objective question
1) Brief Answer Questions
2) Open-ended questions
3) True / False
4) Essay sample questions

105. is the hallmark of the progressive trait
1) Teaching Based Textbook
2) Emphasis is placed on getting good marks in the exam.
3) Periodic examination and short tests
4) Scheduling and seating arrangement has flexibility.

106. After the questionnaire is prepared, the teachers check the questions to see if they have specific objectives. He is primarily concerned with the questionnaire
1) Content coverage
2) Type of questions
3) Reliability
4) Utility

107. Critical Pedagogy
1) There is no need for learners to give reason independently
2) Learning outside of school is inadequate
3) The Experiences and Perceptions of Learners are Important
4) Teachers must follow classroom instructions

108. School-based is basically based on which of the following principles
1) Teachers know the ability of learners better than external testing.
2) Students get higher grades
3) The school is more efficient than the external exam board
4) Measurement can be very economical

109. Students exhibit personality. So are the teachers
1) Must provide a different learning experience
2) Over-discipline should be enforced
3) The number of tests should be increased
4) Provide equal time for learning

110. Which of the following is not a principle of evolution?
1) Not everyone is moving at the same pace
2) Evolution is always linear
3) It is a stoppage process
4) Not all processes of evolution are interrelated.

111. Human evolution is divided into the following zone.
1) Physical, intellectual, emotional and social
2) Emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social-psychological
3) Psychological, Cognitive, Emotional & Physical
4) Physical, spiritual, cognitive and social

112. A teacher uses a fruit and vegetable picture and text and discusses it with the children. The basis of the initiative
1) Classical Supplemental Learning
2) Enrichment theory
3) activation theory
4) Configuration of knowledge

113. The grandmother picks up a child who was on her mother’s lap. Then the baby cries. The reason for this
1) Social agitation
2) Emotional agitation
3) Unknown jerks
4) Spectio Anxiety

114. The statement “The pre-provision of the child’s evolution means that the physical health of the child is the guarantee of the efficient development of the child”.
1) This is impossible because in no way does physical evolution influence the field of evolution
2) This is not true as evolution differs from person to person
3) This is true because physical evolution is at the highest point in the sequence of evolution
4) This is true because physical evolution is interrelated with the other dimension.

115. Classrooms take children to a field trip and discuss with students about a field trip after returning home What does this indicate?
1) Measurement of learning
2) Measurement for learning
3) Learning for measurement
4) Learning of measurement

116. Knowing the principle of child development can help teachers in what ways
1) The social position of the learner can be identified
2) To identify the financial background of the learner
3) Learners will know why to teach
4) To effectively provide learners with different learning styles

117. This statement is that men are generally more intelligent than women
1) All right
2) There may be truth
3) This is gender discrimination
4) Truth in a different dimension of the intellect

118. Irfan breaks the toy and explores its parts. So what do you do?
1) Irfan should be stopped playing with the toy
2) Always be on guard
3) Encourage his exploratory nature & direct his energies towards the quest
4) Getting to know him without breaking the toy

119. The term “psyco + logos” in psychology is from this language
1) English
2) Latin
3) Turkey
4) Greek

120. “Psyche” of psychology means the word
1) The mind
2) The soul
3) The body
4) The head

121. He who first objected that psychology is not the science of the soul
1) Kent
2) Watson
3) Pichtner
4) Sigmund Freud

122. He who first objected that psychology is not the science of the soul
1) Kent
2) Watson
3) Pichtner
4) Sigmund Freud

123. One who has informed the 3 faces of man’s behavior
1) Pichtner
2) Sigmund Freuda
3) Mallow
4) Watson

124. He was the one who explained the differences between mind and body in the 17th century.
1) Dharan Dyke
2) William James
3) Rayne Descart
4) All of the above

125. Psychology, like Saru, is this science
1) Learning
2) The mind
3) The soul
4) Behavior

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