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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

201. Father of American Psychology
1. Watson
2. Theron Dyke
3. E.B. Pichner
4. All of the above

202. He who developed the theory of spiritual realization
1. Abraham Maslow
2. Wound
3. E. B. Pichner
4. Who is not above

203. This is what modern psychology studies
1. Behavior of an organism
2. Psychological behaviors of the organism
3. Activities undertaken by the organism
4. All of the above are yes

204. According to Watson, psychology is the study of:
1. The mind
2. The soul
3. Behavior
4. Consciousness

205. This is what we call collective analysis theory.
1. Dynamic psychology
2. Active psychology
3. Dysfunctional psychology
4. All of the above are yes

206. He is the father of behaviorism
1. E.B. Pichner
2. Sigmund Freud
3. J.B. Watson
4. Theron Dyke

207. The meaning of modern psychology
1. The science of the mind
2. Scientific science
3. The science of the soul
4. Behavioral Science

208. The need for physical psychology is not as follows
1. Learning
2. Curriculum structure
3. Teaching sample preparation
4. When a person joins a job

209. Which of these statements is correct
1. Punishment promotes student achievement
2. All talented people are creative
3. The concept of the ocean has come and gone
4. Determine the upper limit of the environment to the evolution of the individual

210. Which of the following branches of psychology discusses the detection of causes of psychological distress?
1. Advisory psychology
2. Educational psychology
3. General psychology
4. Therapeutic psychology


211. This is the basic purpose of physical psychology
1. Clarify the goals that the school must achieve
2. Setting various educational objectives to be fulfilled
3. Properly classify educational objectives
4. Plan sensitive processes to achieve academic goals

212. When a teacher does not know the answer to student suspicion questions
1. Get information from someone else and then explain it to the student
2. Giving the wrong answer
3. Denying that the question is not correct
4. To be ashamed of his failure

213. Personality behavior is the branch of psychology that investigates and treats mistakes
1. Dysfunctional psychology
2. General psychology
3. Social psychology
4. Professional psychology

214. It is appropriate to refer to psychology as a science
1. of consciousness
2. of the soul
3. Behavioral
4. of the mind

215. Psychology is also called
1. Prognostication
2. Psychology
3. The science of mind
4. All of the above are yes

216. He was the one who brought the gap between Deha Shastra and Psychology to a close
1. E.B. Pichner
2. William Wound
3. Ebbing House
4. Beanet

217. Philosopher who describes the mind and the body
1. Rayne Deckard
2. Plato
3. Wadson
4. Wound

218. who was the pioneer of the Kriya sect
1. John Dewey
2. Charles Darwin
3. Plato
4. C.V. Raman

219. Founders of a different psychology branch
1. Theron Dyke
2. Crow and Crow
3. Francis Galvan
4. John Henry Pistology

220. Studying how the mind or consciousness works to adapt to the environment in which an organism resides
1. Behaviorism
2. Structure Fanta
3. Functionalism
4. Psychoanalyticism

221. The ultimate goal of humanistic psychology
1. Watching human behavior
2. Correcting human behavior
3. Understanding human behavior
4. Controlling human behavior

222. Department of Psychology, which studies psychological problems
1. Dysfunctional psychology
2. Educational psychology
3. Therapeutic psychology
4. General psychology

223.Physical and Physical Psychologists
1. Knowing the root causes of a person’s behavior
2. Having goals for conducting experiments
3. Two schools of medicine
4. None of the above

224. Branch to study the growth and evolution of life from birth to death
1. General psychology
2. Educational psychology
3. Evolutionary psychology
4. Differential psychology

225. Which of the following are external stimuli?
1. The senses
2. originating in the interior of the organism’s body
3. External environmental factors
4. All of the above are yes

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