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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

351. We can do this in children so that inherent motivation can erupt permanently.
1. Good thoughts
2. Questionnaires
3. Game and lesson
4. Read-write

352. ……… .. is called the Mother of the Incarnate.
1. Interest
2. Motivation
3. Attraction
4. Aspiration

353. The proper meaning of learning is: –
1. The development of knowledge
2. Behavior modification
3. Personality adjustment
4. Gaining skills

354. types of external stimuli
1. pleasant repulsion
2. Unpleasant repulsion
3. Mental repulsion
4. A and B

355. Development is a state of motivation and preparation for the person who needs to be active
1. Bingham
2. Newcomb
3. Priman
4. Seashore

356. who asserted an inspired hide
1. Sigmund Freud
2. Watson
3. Kohler
4. Skinner

357. Which of the following does not result from the comparison of children?
1. Feeling hurt
2. Change in intellect
3. Creation of sick competition
4. Encouraging enmity

358. This is often influenced by the category of learning that takes you from one situation to another
1. The analogy
2. Meaningfulness
3. The intellect of the learner
4. The mastery of the teacher

359. Which of the following is an example of negative learning transfer?
1. Typing learner is learning to sing
2. When the person moving the car goes to the plane
3. The use of elements in zoology in botany
4. All of the above are yes

360. Transfer of learning and intellect are linked in this way
1. Transfer increases even when intellect is low
2. As the intellect increases, so does the transfer rate
3. The relationship between the two is controversial
4. The transfer of learning is independent of the intellect

361. Making learning transfer possible
1. When there is content conformity
2. Teaching consistency
3. Conformity of learning experiences
4. When learning experiences are different

362. This is the motivation for breaking the records that a student has to excel at
1. Related motivation
2. The ego
3. Sadhana Motivation
4. External motivation

363. mostly dependent children
1. Have a high aspiration level
2. Have low aspiration level
3. Have a balanced aspiration level
4. None of the above

364. Original word of interest
1. Interesse
2. Interest
3. Internet
4. All of the above

365. Fathers cares about their child
1. Internal motivation
2. External motivation
3. Performance Motivation
4. Relationship Motivation

366. Which of the following is caused by sadhana motivation in the child?
1. Goals are accomplished
2. The tasks undertaken will be well
3. Increasing the level of achievement of doing
4. Increases in earnings

367. LTM means
1. Long Term Memory
2. Long Term
3. Led Trans Behavior of Mind
4. All of the above are yes

368. Which of the following is a good strategy for motivating children?
1. Committing to their ego and self esteem
2. Exhorting them with praise
3. Rethinking the motivations already in them
4. Fear of defeat and fear

369. Sequence called by the individual
1. functionally related to the stimulus
2. Makes the best prize
3. Repeatedly practiced
4. Carries straight to the target

370. What is the tool for measuring achievement motivation?
1. Thematic Experience
2. Soot-guided testing
3. Performance Testing
4. Audit Examination

371. It is not possible to properly memorize a long learning subject through a continent method.
1. When divided into continents the subject becomes uneasy and lost contact
2. Learning causes you to lose interest
3. It is not scientific to do so
4. Continuity, hierarchy and meaningfulness are not enough to read and learn the whole thing

372. Repetition is auxiliary to this
1. To enrich the deductive content
2. To reinforce learning materials
3. To learn content appropriately
4. To create a memory network in our brain

373. Hideaway can thus be considered
1. Extinction of souvenirs
2. The result of inadequate learning
3. The fruit of learning from a mistake
4. Negative transfer

374. If the first learned thing interrupts the recollection of the learned thing, it is called …… ..
1. Precaution
2. Uttaravarodhana
3. Sahacharya intervention
4. Practical extinction

375. If recently learned material interferes with the recall of a previously learned material …… ..
1. Response Search
2. Upadhik’s search
3. Precaution
4. Aftershock

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