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Educational Psychology  for All KARTET Exams

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Paper Details:

Psychology 25 Marks

  • Its multiple-choice question papers
  • Each question carries 1 mark.

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Practice Test Questions

251. Studying his behavior while playing a child
1. Spontaneous Observation
2. Regulatory Overview
3. Overview
4. Which is not

252. Viewing the teaching of the practical examination of the examiner
1. Spontaneous Observation
2. Regulatory reviewing habits
3. Introspection habits
4. Which is not

253. An important consideration is the observation system
1. Be grateful if the person knows
2. The viewer’s personal vision is influenced by the outcome
3. Reassessment of the result is impossible
4. All of the above

254. The Evaluation of Evaluation
1. Observing the gap
2. Knowing oneself
3. Viewing without spacing
4. None

255. is the basis of all psychology chapters
1. Practical practice
2. Observation habits
3. Individualism
4. Introspection habits

256. Depending on the change in another driver it may need to change
1. Tactical Driver
2. Intermediate Driver
3. Artificial carrier
4. Independent Driver

257. Which of the following statements is closest to the practical method?
1. This activity will be carried out in a natural setting
2. This activity will be carried out in a controlled environment
3. This activity will be carried out in a natural and artificial context
4. This activity can be carried out anytime, under all circumstances

258. This is the methodology used in the calculus of chiropractic
1. Person study
2. Experimental study
3. Method of observation
4. All of the above Yes

259. Father of practical method
1. Will Hellmovent
2. Skinner
3. Watson
4. Wood Worth

260. The result of a school’s 10th class is consistently negligible. Which method is most suitable for understanding the cause
1. Person study
2. Sponsorship
3. Introspection
4. Observation


261. Which of these statements is correct
1. Punishment encourages students toward achievement
2. All talented people are creative
3. An important characteristic of the concept of the sea is its size
4. Determine the limit on the environment for the evolution of the individual

262. The first psychology laboratory was established here
1. Paris
2. Greek
3. Frank Pert
4. Leapiz

263. Which of the following method of educational psychology has attained the status of educational psychology?
1. Individualized Studies
2. Method of observation
3. Practical approach
4. None
264. Father of Structuralism
1. J. B. Watson
2. Sigmund Freud
3. Pichner E.B.
4. Skinner

265. Division of the study of human personality beyond the threshold of consciousness
1. Parapsychology
2. Unusual psychology
3. Neural Psychology
4. None of the above

266. The difficulties faced by a backward child can be adequately addressed based on the following information:
1. Observation
2. Person study
3. Group discussion
4. Interview

267. The method used to study the importance of rewarding and punishing a class
1. Practical approach
2. Method of observation
3. Method of observation
4. Survey method

268. Teachers study a student’s behavior by playing with him on the field — what an observation method
1. Direct overview
2. Irrelevant Overview
3. Participant Overview
4. Non-participating observation

269. The School of Psychology, which studies, investigates, and treats behavior, says:
1. Fundamental psychology
2. Child psychology
3. Unusual psychology
4. Educational psychology

270. Which of the following is not an overview?
1. Sensitive feedback
2. The image idea
3. Verbal response
4. The dynamic action

271. A group of students is given a chocolate / baguette test — which method is associated with it?
1. Practical habits
2. Observation habits
3. Surveillance system
4. All of the above are yes

272. Experimenting in practical terms means changing this variable in the experimental groups as desired
1. Strategy
2. The anomaly variable
3. The intermediate variable
4. Independent Charm

273. Studying the effect of learning to a group of students using optical instruments In what manner does this type of study come about?
1. Practical approach
2. Psychoanalytic approach
3. Method of observation
4. Introspection

274. The factor that leads to person behavior
1. Adami’s captured desires
2. Goals
3. Sorrowful Experiences
4. All of the above

275. The function of educational psychology
1. Develop effective strategies for the achievement of educational objectives
2. The learning process will make more sense and enhance buying
3. Demonstrate that certain goals are not commercially viable and pressure them to review them
4. All of the above are yes

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