FDA (First Division Assistant) Previous Exam Question Paper 1991

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QP: FDA Exam Question Paper 1991

Hi, my dear aspirants here you can find all previous year (old) question papers. Do you know why we should have previous year question papers? How to analyze these questions papers. What are the benefits of understanding the previous year question papers? If you don’t know let’s know about these things before that. I want to tell you a few things. In our TopExams.in, the website we will try to provide you all exams previous year question papers, module question papers as well as online practice papers for your Top Exams Pro preparations. In this article, we shall know very important things about these question papers.

Before Starting your preparations What should you do? 

First, you have to collect the proper syllabus copy of your exam and understand the basic structure of exam topics.

Then move previous year question papers. Previous Question patterns and different kinds of question models in the papers. these things represent the blueprint of the syllabus copy of examination. Combination of exam syllabus and previous year question papers will give you the proper guidance to study well And also these things analysis will help you how to make a proper smart study methodology to improve your skills as well as these things will save your all-time and makes effective study pattern to improve yourself That’s why we have to collect all the previous papers and syllabus copy of of the exam. I hope these things have clear why we should understand the syllabus and collector previous year question papers. That’s why we are providing all previous year question papers as well as syllabus copy to you.

Question paper structure:

Year: FDA Exam Question Paper 1991

Total marks:100  Total time 2 hours

Subject: Samanya Kannada

Each Question will carry 1 Mark. No negative Marks in FDA Exam as well as SDA Exam

In this paper structure 25% of marks on Kannada literature and 75 % Marks on Kannada grammar. Generally, you will find 13 to 14 different kinds of questions in the Kannada paper SDA or  FDA exam. To download these copies. it will take 10 seconds to open the PDF file. so be patient until it open. 

make it download and practice well. To download the syllabus copy and the question paper  click on the download button. 

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Topics of Question Paper

Kannada Vyakarana

Akshara Male, Shabddagalu, Sandigalu, Samas , Vibhkti Prathyaya, Namapadagalu, Karakaglu, Alankaragalu, Krudantagalu, KriyaVisheshana, Avyayagalu, Sadhita Shabdagalu, Vakyagalu, Lekhana chinne, Chandassu, Dwiruktigalu.

Subject Notes: General Kannada, General English, History, General Science and Technology, Indian Constitution & Polity, Geography, Constitution of India, Economics, Computer, Mental Ability, Educational Psychology, Question Papers Analysis.