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Books for All  Competitive Exams 

Our aim is to provide easy online access to all state govt free textbooks pdf copy to our all karnataka aspirants who are studding for competitve exams. We expect that students, teachers would benefit from this access. Preferably these are the government books provided by specific website Source link given bellow.

We are providing access to all textbooks PDF of Class 6 to 12 for English of instruction for all the subjects in the pdf format.

You need to select a particular class medium and subject. Here you can read the books or you can download the PDF Copy to your device for fair use.

Dear Aspirants here we are providing State Board Central Board CBSE NCERT Books for preparation of IAS, KAS, SDA, FDA, PSI, PC and other Several competitive exams basic preparations. Download NCERT Books for Classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. These books are very essential for all the major exams India. So, every aspirant should read these essential books.

Before moving specific books have a glance at the books suggested by NCERT Textbook Society for 6st to 12th and NCERT Books. Score more marks in the examination and have a deep understanding of concepts, subjects. There are various sources of material that aid students in learning but the first and foremost one is always Textbooks.

To download the PDF Books, click on the relevant links button to download the NCERT Books PDF for free and also you can read the books which we provided in PDF Viewer.

Make use of the NCERT Board Textbooks for 6th Class to 12th Class for the subject you intend to prepare and score more marks. You can click on the links available to download the NCERT Class 6 to 12 Books Subject wise for the exam.

Fore every day practice Topexams providing Daily Tests on General Knowledge GK, Current Affairs Test, General Kannada Test. These tests will help to improve your knowledge and it will help to effective learning. Here we have provided the Test links. Click on them and Attend the tests.

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